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Beyond Fitness,

At Laura Franklin Rehab, we set the gold standard in wellness.


While some may offer basic routines, we deliver meticulously crafted, evidence-based programmes born from extensive physio expertise.


Every session with us goes beyond mere repetition; it's an experience, an exploration, and a journey to optimal health.


This is not your average fitness approach. This is precision, passion, and profound results, all under one roof.

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Pilates Class on Reformers


In the realm of wellness, Laura Franklin Rehab stands distinct. While many navigate the surface of fitness, we delve into its profound depths. By marrying our unrivalled physio expertise with cutting-edge innovation, we craft holistic journeys that transcend the typical. Here, wellness is not a mere goal; it’s an immersive experience, forging a balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Choose us to discover a world where fitness evolves into lasting well-being.


Your wellness evolution begins here

clinical expertise

In a landscape dotted with fitness promises, Laura Franklin Rehab emerges as a beacon of authenticity and precision. We're not just about routines; our foundation is built on rigorous clinical knowledge. This expertise, combined with a dedicated approach to individual care, means we offer more than just a workout - we provide a transformative, informed experience. While others might touch on the basics, we delve into the intricate science of well-being, ensuring every movement, stretch, and strategy is rooted in genuine understanding. Elevate your wellness journey with a touch of clinical excellence.

Pilates Class on Reformers
Pilates Class on Reformers

personalised precision

At Laura Franklin Rehab, every individual is a unique story, deserving a bespoke chapter of wellness. Unlike generic fitness approaches, we tune into your rhythm, understanding your distinct needs and aspirations. Our commitment to personalised precision ensures that each session, exercise, and plan is tailored just for you. Why follow the crowd when your path to optimum health can be uniquely crafted, blending the science of well-being with an intimate touch? Elevate your journey with Laura Franklin Rehab, where every detail is tailored with you in mind.


Embark on a Wellness Journey Like No Other

beyond conventional

Where many tread familiar fitness paths, Laura Franklin Rehab carves new trails. Instead of generic workouts, we offer a fusion of in-depth physio knowledge with cutting-edge techniques. It's not just about breaking a sweat; it's about breaking boundaries. When the average isn't enough, and you seek excellence in every stretch, stride, and session – we're your destination.

Pilates Class on Reformers

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Depth Beyond Fitness

Laura Franklin Rehab delivers more than routines; we offer a holistic wellness journey.


We don't just look at muscles; we consider the harmony of body, mind, and spirit in our approach.


Clinical Expertise

Grounded in in-depth physio knowledge and training. It’s not just about fitness; it’s about health and rehabilitation.

Beyond Conventional 

Our methods are rooted in evidence and practice, offering transformative experiences distinct from others.


Personalised Precision

Combining clinical accuracy with tailored care, we focus on you as a unique individual.

UPGRADE the experience

Dive deeper into wellness with our expertise and passion. See what sets us apart.

Our Clients

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