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About our classes

All of our instructors are also Physio's or Sports Therapists. This means they have already completed a minimum

3-year degree and have a breadth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, strength & conditioning, exercise, human movement, hands-on treatment & rehabilitation. 

Each instructor also has their areas of interest & has completed post-graduate qualifications such as:

Women's Health Physio

Pre & Post-natal 

Persistent Pain

Long-term conditions

Acute injury & Return to Play Rehab


What does this mean for you? 

It means you can exercise with the knowledge that every session has been planned to be safe & effective. Each instructor brings this expert knowledge & understanding to every class they teach.

We understand pain, injury & pathologies & how to adapt sessions for these.  

All classes are 55 minutes.

Group Mat Classes

Our mat classes are limited to just eight people so that our instructor can guide each participant & provide feedback & exercise corrections as needed. 

We provide your Mat & all your equipment, but you are welcome to bring your own Mat if you prefer. Our mats, head supports & small pieces of equipment are wiped down at the end of each class, but some clients like to bring a towel with them to place on top of the Mat and/or their head support. 

Mat classes involve working in difference postural positions such as standing, kneeling, lying on your back, side & front. We incorporate small pieces of equipment such as weights, magic circles, theraloops/bands, form rollers and wobble cushions. 


Group  Reformer Classes

Our Reformer classes are limited to just 5 people so that our expert instructor can assist you throughout the class as well as providing exercise feedback & guidance.


The Reformer is incredibly versatile & clever in its design & can either assist your movement or resist it.


Exercises can be done in lying, sitting, kneeling or standing as well as incorporating smaller pieces of equipment such as the box, weights, Pilates circle & softball. 
The equipment can look daunting & complicated to use, but it is surprisingly simple & incredibly popular with our clients.



Our brand-new class launched in January 2023.

After completing her Yoga training in 2022, Caroline brings together the benefits of both Yoga & Pilates.

Work on your posture, flexibility, strength, balance & core stability in this fusion-style class.


Power Reformer

Want to step it up a notch?

Our Power Reformer Classes are faster-paced & incorporate principles of strength & condition. 

Increased strength challenges, longer holds of challenging positions & more dynamic movements in a strenuous but fun workout.

Classes are still limited to just 5 participants.

Physio-Rehab Circuit 

Our Physio-Rehab circuit classes are designed for those who struggle with pain, or a long-term condition or are recovering from injury. 

The format of the class is a group warm up followed by small circuits using the Reformer, Tower, Ladder barrel, Combo Chair & Spine Corrector. 

This class is more clinical in nature & very much focus on rehabilitation exercises.

There are 2 instructor with classes still limited to 5 participants. This allows us to adapt the exercises for the individual & allows you to move at your own pace.

Please note, these classes are not bookable via the website or the app. Please contact the studio for more information or to make a booking.

Reformer Classes

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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