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Do you enjoy being active?

Long walks, playing golf, gardening, running, chasing after the kids?


We all want to enjoy life without worrying about aches & pains, joint stiffness or muscular tightness.


Many of us have the odd little niggle here and there.


A bit of backache after a day in the garden?

A little harder to get up the stairs than it used to be?


Are you feeling your shoulder in the gym?

Aware of your hip pain after a run?


We can live with the odd bit of pain that comes & goes, but what if it stopped us from doing what we want to be able to do. 


What if those aches & pains got worse?


What if you weren’t able to get on and off the floor? 

What if golf went from 3 times a week to 1? 


The walks got shorter, and your confidence decreased?


Pilates is a great way to help with all of those little niggles. Not just prevent them from getting worse but in many cases resolving them!


Our Clinical Pilates session helps with physical aches and pains, stress, anxiety, and improving general health and well-being.

We have taught thousands of Pilates sessions over the last ten years; mat, reformer & equipment.


Pilates is an excellent form of exercise because there are many different levels, making it suitable for those rehabbing an injury to those wanting a challenging workout. We have several options, and a common question is where to start?

You do not have to have done mat Pilates before equipment, and some clients attend equipment sessions with no mat work. A lot of the options come down to personal choice. 


From the complete beginner to Pilates pro, we have something to suit you, your health goals and your current fitness level.

We have state of the art Pilates Studio equipped with some of the best Pilates equipment in the world. 


Our Pilates Services include: 


 Face to face group classes & on-demand library.

Prices starting from £10


 Semi-private sessions working on an individualised programme.

Prices starting from £30

Private Pilates Sessions

Introductory sessions or for those with more complex health issues.

Prices starting from £30



Mat Pilates

Face to Face Classes

We offer small group, therapist-led Pilates classes. 



On-demand library

Our library boasts over 200 Physiotherapist led classes. There are classes suitable for all levels, including a six-session beginner course.


Pilates+ sessions are a way of working on your own individual goals within a group setting.

Each participant has their own programme* & works on each piece of Pilates equipment during the 55-minute session.

Pilates+ is run by one of our therapists who will provide feedback, exercise progressions or regressions as needed.

*Each participant will need to attend as least one private session so your programme can be designed.

Private Pilates Sessions

One to one Pilates sessions are available & are a great way to start your Pilates practice.

Your first session will be an assessment, followed by a number of sessions to teach you the principles of Pilates & familiarise yourself with the equipment.

Keep moving. Stay active. Protect your health. 

Our Pilates session will leave you feeling taller, stronger,

more mobile and confident in your body’s abilities.

Prevent stress, tightness and stiffness developing into pain or injuries.

'Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.'
Joseph Pilates