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Clinical Pilates

Do you enjoy being active?


Long walks, playing golf, gardening, running, chasing after the kids?


We all want to enjoy life without worrying about aches & pains, joint stiffness or muscular tightness.


Many of us have the odd little niggle here and there.


A bit of backache after a day in the garden?

A little harder to get up the stairs than it used to be?


Are you feeling your shoulder in the gym?

Aware of your hip pain after a run?

As a Physio-led Pilates studio, all our instructors have a specialist interest in Pilates to help resolve & prevent injuries. 


Each instructor has a specialist area of expertise, including sports injuries, pain management, women's health, and pre/post natal & long-term conditions. 


Our Clinical Pilates sessions are ideal for those who:


Want to use Pilates to resolve an injury / aches & pains. 


Have a long-term health issue that Pilates will help manage. 


Recovering from or preparing for planned surgery.


Would like to work on their specific health & fitness goals with an individual programme. 


Are new to Pilates and want to learn how to use the equipment in a private setting. 


We ask that all clients initially attend an assessment session. From this, your instructor will plan a personalised programme & will advise on 1:1 or 2:1 sessions. 


Our 2:1 sessions allow two clients to work in the studio at the same time under the guidance of one instructor. Each person's session is tailored to them and their agreed goals. 

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