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Massage Therapy

More than a massage...

Are you struggling with muscular aches & pains? 

Are you feeling stressed? 

Desperate for some self-care & 'me' time? 

Want to speed up your results with Rehab or Pilates? 


Sports Massage uses specific & highly effective hands-on techniques.

Our massage therapists are highly trained in rehab & Pilates as well as specific massage techniques. They bring this wealth of knowledge & experience to every treatment.

When we set ourselves goals, we want to achieve them as quickly as possible. Once we start seeing results, we want to maintain the momentum. 


Speed up your results from Rehab or Pilates!


Adding massage therapy into your rehab programme or Pilates practice will help improve the progress you make, maintain the results & prevent flare up's of pain. 

Reach that next level of your rehab programme or Pilates quicker & more easily!

Client Feedback

"Having recently begun physio rehab with Laura, combined with therapeutic massages from James for a shoulder injury I cannot recommend Laura Franklin enough.

The level of care & expertise from both of them is simply outstanding.
I am making remarkable progress from an injury that was impacting every area of my life".

Stress is one of the biggest threats to our health. 

Managing our stress levels can have enormous benefits for our mental & physical well-being. While we can't remove stress from our lives, we can reduce the adverse effects on us. Massage therapy has many benefits, especially when added as a consistent component of your self-care.  

Reduce stress & tension.

Improve your sleep pattern.

Feel more refreshed & energised.


A sports massage doesn't have to mean deep or painful techniques.

Our skilled therapist will discuss your lifestyle, the reason for your massage & what massage pressure you are comfortable with. 


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