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Pilates Mat Classes

Our Pilates Mat classes are limited to eight participants. We provide a comfortable mat and all your equipment, so all you need to do is turn up, relax & enjoy your class.

In the UK, Mat Pilates is probably the best-known version of this great form of exercise. Following evidence published in the 1990s that Pilates benefits those with low back pain, Physio and rehab & Pilates has been a strong combination. 


One of our expert instructors will guide you through a 55-minute class and provide feedback when required. Our classes are limited to eight participants meaning you can exercise safely & confidently.  


Pilates is a mindful exercise, meaning it helps to promote a sense of calm & relaxation. To support this, you'll find our classes don't follow a set routine. The content and order of our classes are constantly changing to keep classes fresh & interesting but also to enable a mind-body connection. 


Our group sessions are ideal for those focusing on health & fitness goals or those who have completed an injury rehab programme. All our mat classes are mixed level and suitable for various fitness levels. However, we ask that all clients attend an introductory session before joining a group class. 

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