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Injury Rehab-Physio Services

Is Pain Stopping You Doing The Things You Love To Do?


Is going for a walk difficult because you need to avoid going up or down hills?


Want to get down on the floor to play with your grandchildren but not sure if you would get back up because of your back pain?​


Dreaming of being out in the garden but shoulder pain forcing you to avoid it?


Want to get out running but your knees aren’t once what they were?


Is back pain stopping you lifting heavy at the gym?

We can help you resolve your pain, not adapt your life around it.

Living with pain or an injury is complex and tiring. The pain soon starts to grate on you and leaves you feeling frustrated and fed up. You should not have to ‘just put up with it’ and lose the enjoyment of things you once loved to do.


Would you like to get back to living pain-free? 

Able to move with confidence?


We have helped people avoid surgery for back pain, taken up hobbies they never thought they

would do again and return to everyday life without worrying about pain. 


Back to feeling and acting like themselves again.


We have helped hundreds of people just like you.

Our health is our most valuable possession.  

We are honoured that clients trust us to help them

improve their health and achieve their goals.


Resolving an injury will require time and effort but we promise not to overload you.

While we don’t want pain to rule your life, we don’t want rehab to rule it either.

No 30 minutes of exercises, 3 times a day!


Your program will be discussed with you and designed to fit into your lifestyle. 


Take the first step to becoming pain free and enjoying life without compromise.


Let us help you:


Resolve the pain.

Get back to normal.

Build strength & resilience.

Stop the symptoms returning.


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