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1-to-1 Pilates

Our one-to-one Pilates sessions are where we can specifically help you achieve your goals. Helping you resolve pain, return to sports & hobbies your love & get back to feeling your best. Our aim is not just to teach you a Pilates session but help you understand how your body works & develop movement strategies to continue to improve.


mat & reformer induction sessions 

These are one-to-one Mat or Reformer sessions that provide an induction to Pilates before joining a group class.


Clients usually attend one of these sessions, but you can book as many as you like to build your confidence before joining a class. 

1-to-1 Pilates Sessions

These sessions are ideally suited to those with an injury, long-term condition, persistent pain, or other health issues, which means a group class is not best suited to them.


These sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and allow your instructor to tailor the session to your needs & treatment goals.


These sessions often also include hands-on treatment to increase the effectiveness & benefits of your Pilates. 


2-to-1 Pilates Session

These sessions allow two clients to attend the studio simultaneously but work on their own individual goals.


Following a 1:1 session, your instructor will design an individual programme for you.


Two clients will work on their personalised programme under the supervision of one instructor. Your instructor will provide feedback & adapt/progress your exercises throughout the session. 

Pilates Intro & 1:1 Sessions

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