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Pilates classes

If you have an injury or health concerns, we strongly recommend attending an assessment with one of our therapists before joining a group class. Some injuries require more personal attention or specific treatment & a class may not be the best option initially. Our priority is to provide you with the most suitable services for your needs & for your investment to achieve the most effective benefits possible. 


mat classes 

Mat Pilates is based upon a fundamental set of principles that provide a gentle but effective form of exercise for the whole body.


Pilates combines working deep core & postural muscles with breathing techniques in various positions (standing, lying, kneeling).


Mat Pilates is suitable for all abilities & provides massive Health & well-being benefits. 

Our mat classes are limited to eight people & taught by one of our expert instructors who are also a Physio or Sports Therapist. 

Reformer classes

The Reformer is an exercise machine consisting of a sliding carriage, spring resistance, ropes & pulleys.


It provides a unique form of exercise & is cleverly designed to assist your movement or resist it. Reformer classes help to improve muscular strength, stamina, posture, cardiovascular endurance & balance. 

Our Reformer classes are limited to five people & taught by one of our expert instructors, who are also a Physio or Sports Therapist. 

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