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Pilates is a method of exercise created by Joesph Pilates.

Pilates brings together a set of fundamental principles that include breathing, core control (activation), strength, coordination, body awareness, stamina, mobility & balance. 

Pilates is a mindful exercise meaning it brings together a mind-body connection. It is a relaxing & gentle form of exercise but don't let that fool you into thinking it is easy. It provides plenty of challenges that help improve your movement, strength & function. 

Pilates exercises are either floor based on the Mat or large pieces of equipment, including the Reformer, Tower, Ladder barrel, spine corrector & combo chair. 


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Pilates is an excellent form of exercise & a handy rehabilitation tool. We are the only Physio-led Pilates equipment studio in Leeds.


All our instructors are also Physiotherapists or Sports Therapists. This means they all have an advanced understanding of anatomy, movement, and biomechanics.  


Our instructors bring this wealth of knowledge to each session, whether it is a 1-to-1 session or a group class.

Whatever benefits you want from Pilates, our instructor's experience & expertise will help you achieve your goals. 

Each session will leave you feeling taller, stronger, and energised & with a deeper understanding of your body & your movement.


benefits of pilates

Pilates offers a vast number of health benefits.

These can include:

Improving Posture.

Increase Core Strength.

Reducing Pain.

Increase Flexibility & mobility.

Improve Balance.

Decreased stress & anxiety.

Promote relaxation.

Increased pelvic floor mobility & strength.

Increased body-awareness.

Injury preventation.

Improve sleep patterns.

Aid respiratory health.

Improve muscular strength & stamina.

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