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reformer pilates

The Reformer is probably the most well-known piece of large Pilates equipment. It comprises a sliding carriage, spring resistance, ropes and pulleys. Its origins date back to the 1920s in Joseph Pilates original New York studio. 


about the reformer

It is incredibly versatile & its clever design means it can assist your movement or resist it. Exercises can be done in lying, sitting, kneeling or standing as well as incorporating smaller pieces of equipment such as the box, weights, Pilates circle & softball. 
The equipment can look daunting & complicated to use, but it is surprisingly simple. All our Reformer classes are limited to just five people & expertly guided by one of our Physio or Sports Therapists.

Getting started on the reformer

There are three options for your first session on the Reformer.


These are: 

Six-week group beginner Course 
One-to-one intro session(s)
MOT Assessment & 30-minute Reformer

Several companies make Reformers & produce various models. While the function is the same for all reformers, their design has subtle differences. To ensure all clients' safety, we insist that all clients who wish to join a Reformer group class attend a beginner course or at least one intro session.


who can use the refomer

The Reformer is suitable for anyone, provided you can get on & off the carriage. In a group class, you must be able to do this independently. 

We also use the Reformer as part of our Physio & Injury Rehab sessions and find it hugely beneficial for many clients. This includes those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease and those managing long-term conditions such as arthritis, persistent pain, long covid or acute injuries. 

We offer one-to-one equipment sessions for those with an injury or ongoing health problems.

Reformer Pilates Services

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