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about pilates

The origins of Pilates date back to World War One & were created by Joseph Pilates. 

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the history of pilates

Joseph worked as a circus performer, boxer & self-defence coach before being interned with other German nationals. Working as an orderly in the camp hospital, he began teaching his fellow internees and working with those who were sick or injured in the hospital. He began to develop his method, attaching bed springs to the hospital beds of those unable to walk. This was the beginning of the Pilates equipment, which he would go on to develop and progress throughout the rest of his life. 

Joseph emigrated to America after the war & opened the first 'Pilates studio in New York City. Joseph called his method Contrology; the name was changed to Pilates following his death in 1967. Located close to the NYC ballet, his studio became increasingly popular with dancers & performers. He met his wife, Clara, on his journey to America & she is credited with being the studio's real teacher, helping pass the method down to apprentices. Pilates produced very little literature about his method except from the booklet "Your Health" in 1932 & "Return to Life Through Contrology" in 1945. Besides these works, his method was handed down from teacher to student. 

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pilates today

Pilates today is based upon the founding principle of Joesph Pilates but also combines up-to-date medical research. Pilates, or Contrology as Joseph named it, was based on his views & case study evidence from his clients. After research completed in Australia in the 1990s supporting the principle of Pilates, it began to grow within the Physio, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine communities. 

Today Pilates is practised around the world by millions of people. It has excellent health benefits that include improving respiratory Health, posture, core strength, flexibility, and stamina, as well as relaxation & improving mental Health. 

As Physiotherapists & Sports Therapists, our instructors are committed to keeping up to date with the latest research & regularly attending training courses with world-leading therapists & Pilates instructors. 

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