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Getting started reformer pilates

The Reformer is probably the most well-known piece of large Pilates equipment. It comprises a sliding carriage, spring resistance, ropes and pulleys. Its origins date back to the 1920s in Joseph Pilates original New York studio. 

It is incredibly versatile & its clever design means it can assist your movement or resist it. Exercises can be done in lying, sitting, kneeling or standing as well as incorporating smaller pieces of equipment such as the box, weights, Pilates circle & softball. 
The equipment can look daunting & complicated to use, but it is surprisingly simple. All our Reformer classes are limited to just five people & expertly guided by one of our Physio or Sports Therapists.


reformer beginner course

We run a Reformer beginner course on a

Wednesday at 10.30 am. 

Course dates: 
Wednesday 21st September - 26th October.
Wednesday 2nd November - 7th December. 

Our beginner course covers everything you need to know about the Reformer. Your instructor will take you through how to use each part of the Reformer correctly & safely.


Each week, the exercises will increase the challenge to your strength, core control, coordination, stamina & balance. 

All equipment is provided. Our head supports are wipeable, but some clients like to bring a towel to place over the head support. You are also welcome to bring a drink with you during your class. 

1-to-1 Reformer induction 

The alternative to a beginner course is our one-to-one induction sessions. These can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes.


This session will introduce you to the following: 


The functions of the Reformer

Getting on & off the Reformer safely

Changing positions on the Reformer

Changing the springs

Various exercises that we do in our mixed-level Reformer classes 

How to leave the Reformer at the end of a class. 

30 minutes - £25

55 minutes - £50


mini mot assessment & reformer pilates

A 60-minute appointment includes an MOT assessment & a 30-minute Reformer session based on the assessment findings. 


An MOT Assessment includes:

A discussion of any aches/pains. 

A movement analysis. 

A strength/loading assessment. 

Advice on what to do next to improve symptoms or address movement & strength imbalances. 

A report of the session's findings. 


Following this appointment, your instructor can advise on a plan moving forward. You may be able to join a group class immediately, or we may recommend some one-to-one sessions before joining a class. If you aim to join a class, we will do our best to facilitate this as quickly as possible. Our priority is that all clients can use the Reformer safely and are in a session that will benefit them the most. 


reformer Class passes

We offer two different class passes that reduce the price of the class. 

5 class pass (£100 / £20 per class). 

Saving £12.50. 
10 class pass (£175 / £17.50 per class).

Saving £50.00.

Class passes are valid for six months. 
Classes can be booked up to 4 months in advance &

up to the time of the class. 

Classes are also available to purchase PAYG.

Passes can be paused due to illness/injury. 
Passes are non-refundable / transferable. 


Reformer Pilates - Getting Started

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