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mat pilates

Pilates originated during world war 1 & was created by Joseph Pilates. He initially used large pieces of Pilates equipment (which we also have at the studio) but eventually developed his exercises for the Mat. The Mat is the most accessible & probably the most well-known version of Pilates.


about mat pilates

Our mat classes are limited to just eight people and taught by one of our expert instructors who are also a Physio or Sports Therapist. All classes (unless otherwise stated) are mixed levels, meaning they are suitable for all levels of fitness*. 

We provide your Mat & all your equipment, but you are welcome to provide your Mat if you prefer. Our mats, head supports & small pieces of equipment are wiped down at the end of each class, but some clients like to bring a towel with them to place on top of the Mat and/or their head support. 

*You must be able to get on & off the floor independently. 

Getting started mat pilates

If you are relatively fit & active and able to get on & off the floor independently, you can join one of our group classes. Exercises are taught at various levels meaning you can work at a level suitable for you & your abilities.


We strongly recommend attending a Mat Pilates beginner course or a one-to-one induction session to get the most out of your Pilates classes. 


Mat Pilates Services

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