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Hands-on Treatment & rehab

We want to help resolve your symptoms and stop them from returning. 

Our approach & what we believe achieves the best results is a mixture of hands-on treatment with specific exercises.


physio, sports therapy
& injury rehab

Following your assessment, your therapist will design a personalised treatment plan based on your symptoms, assessment findings & what you want to achieve. There is no cookie-cutter approach. If you want to get back to playing football without knee pain or you want to be able to garden without back pain, they require different movements & strengths.

Therefore, your treatment plan needs to be tailored to you & your goals. 

Hand-on treatments include massage or specific rehabilitation techniques to help resolve symptoms and help achieve the best results from your rehab exercises. 

Your rehab exercises will not only be tailored to you but also take into account your daily routine & how you will fit these into your schedule. 

Appointments are available PAYG or as

part of a rehab package.

massage therapy

More than a massage...

Are you struggling with muscular aches & pains? 

Are you feeling stressed? 

Desperate for some self-care & 'me' time? 

Want to speed up your results with Rehab or Pilates? 


Sports Massage uses specific & highly effective hands-on techniques.

Our massage therapists are highly trained in rehab & Pilates as well as specific massage techniques. They bring this wealth of knowledge & experience to every treatment.

Prices start from just £30.

Acupressure Neck Massage

Hands On Treatment & rehab

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