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Diet and Pelvic Health

Healthy bowel movements are an important part of pelvic health. Constipation put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles that can lead to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. This can include symptoms such as pelvic & back pain, urinary urgency or frequency, bladder and/or bowel Incontinence and pain during sex.

If you struggle with constipation or have the feeling that you have not emptied your bowels fully then increasing the amount of fibre you eat can help.

An adult should aim to eat 30g fibre a day – but the UK average intake is currently around 18g per day.

Here are some simple ways to increase your fibre intake –

Try swapping a snack to a piece of fruit

Add some seeds, or ground seeds to your cereal, yoghurt or smoothies

Take a handful of nuts as a quick snack

Try overnight oats as a quick breakfast option (see the recipes below!)

Add a little extra veg or salad to your meals

Try to cook more with beans, pulses or lentils

Choose wholegrain options wherever possible


It is important to remember to increase fibre slowly, to give your gut time to respond.

Also remember to increase your fluid intake when eating more fibre, this is vital for it to function properly.


If you feel you would like to discuss bowel symptoms relating to pelvic health conditions, or are not sure which dietary changes may be right for you, speak to our Dietitian Fay Kaina who can support you through making individualised changes.

Overnight oats recipe

A basic overnight oats recipe for one usually consists of –

Around 50g rolled porridge oats

2tbsp natural yoghurt

100ml water or milk (you may choose to use a plant-based milk instead)

These are mixed together until smooth and left overnight in the fridge

You can vary this recipe in many ways, why not try adding the following –

Adding berries such as raspberries, which can then be stirred through the mixture, or topping with blueberries

Adding a little dried fruit and nuts  

Adding a drizzle of honey

Stirring in a spoonful of nut butter

Adding seeds. 1tsp of chia seeds can be added to the oats and soaked overnight. Other seeds such as pumpkin will add texture and flavour, or try adding milled linseed – a great source of fibre

Using different types and flavours of yoghurt

Adding a little cinnamon or nutmeg to the mixture.

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